About GAIT

Comprehensively monitor IT skills and support ongoing professional development.

Monitor overall, practical IT competency

Assessment questions are designed to provide a comprehensive IT assessment as they are developed based on sound workplace analysis and meticulous scrutiny by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Conduct company-wide or department-wide evaluations of IT skills

Staff involved in HR or professional development can leverage the one-stop menu to manage content, and can view skills assessments on a company-wide or department-based scale.

Support ongoing professional development

Assessment content is constantly updated so as to support ongoing professional development through scored-based monitoring.

Content covers 7 fields essential in the cloud age

IT engineers in today’s cloud age are expected to have comprehensive knowledge and skills that are not limited to a specialized field.




Literacy/Windows/UNIX & Linux


Literacy/Design/Implementation/Development Process


Literacy/Data protection/Data management







All the essential IT skills for engineers in the cloud age at a glance with one simple score!

GAIT assessment results are tracked using a score and a radar chart making it easy to see areas where individuals excel and areas they need to work on. These are also helpful when planning professional development content or ongoing training programs.

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GAIT for Corporate

GAIT allows you to ascertain individuals’ practical skills, conduct fair staff evaluations, and offer suitable professional development opportunities.

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