Why GAIT is used in business

Accurately & effectively assess IT skills that change to suit the times

Conduct objective & effective evaluations to accurately ascertain IT skills

Are you accurately and effectively conducting evaluations and tracking the current level of IT engineers’ skills? GAIT is not a pass/fail test. It is a score-based assessment tool that evaluates an individual’s basic knowledge and experience across a wide array of IT fields. It allows you to objectively and effectively gauge the current level of IT skills, resulting in a significant reduction in assessment and evaluation resources, which mean GAIT can be implemented on an ongoing basis.

Leverage scores as criterion for evaluations and hires

Are you adequately evaluating staff using some personnel assessment and hiring criteria for IT engineers? It is vital to evaluate staff using fair and objective criteria to ensure that staff evaluations are conducted properly and employees maintain a high level of motivation. Adopting the GAIT score as a universal evaluation criterion means that the evaluation process can be implemented smoothly and efficiently. It is also useful in the hiring process to accurately gauge a candidate’s current skill level.

Bolster technology for new business

Do you implement adequate professional development plans that are aligned with your business plans? GAIT tracks the full array of IT experience and knowledge with a score for each field and category. This means that it is possible to identify areas of expertise and areas needing improvement for each individual, department and profession, as well as devise and implement appropriate professional development plans for new business operations. Also, by periodically implementing GAIT, you can gauge the effectiveness of the development plans.

Support ongoing training

Introducing GAIT company-wide or on a department-based scale and then releasing the overall scores and summaries will aid in creating a culture where employees are motivated to advance skills on an ongoing basis. By identifying their current skill level and their strengths and weaknesses, engineers can set their own specific goals to work towards. As a result, there will be an improvement in the overall level of skills in the entire department or company.

Case Studies

Introducing detailed success stories about the merits of adopting GAIT.

Inquiries about GAIT

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