About e-GAIT2.0

Targeted towards all business people working on DX

e-GAIT 2.0 assessment is for business people working on customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) with DX

Quantifies IT skills

Assessment results provide an objective evaluation of an individual’s current IT competency.

Reflects the latest tech trends

e-GAIT2.0 assessment covers diverse IT skills from IT infrastructure such as cloud to AI / IoT / data utilization.

e-GAIT2.0 Outline

Online Program for Individuals
Question Type Single response questions and multiple response questions
Number of Questions 80
Duration 30 minutes
Language English, Japanese
Fee 3,300YEN
Exam Date Please take the exam within 14 days from the starting date you specify during the application process.
Score 0 to 990 (Valid for 1year)
Result Official Score Report will be downloadable from My Page within a few days after taking the exam
Retake Policy If you fail your 1st exam attempt, you may take the same exam a 2nd time (or more times) after a mandatory 14-day waiting period
Payment Method Credit card (Payment in advance)


No Filed Category
1 Infrastructure(Hardware) HW-1 Strage
2 HW-2 Network
3 HW-3 Server
4 OS & Middleware(Software) SW-1 Windows
5 SW-2 Linux
6 SW-3 Database
7 Application AP-1 Design
8 AP-2 Implementation
9 AP-3 Development process
10 Cloud CL-1 SDx
11 CL-2 Managed service
12 CL-3 Development
13 Security SC-1 Underlying technology
14 SC-2 Infrastructure / Cloud
15 SC-3 DX Security
16 DX Technology DT-1 AI
17 DT-2 IoT
18 DT-3 Edge computing
19 DX Utility DU-1 Technology Utilization
20 DU-2 Data Utilization

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GAIT allows you to ascertain individuals’ practical skills, conduct fair staff evaluations, and offer suitable professional development opportunities.

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