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Who developed the GAIT program?

How long do I need to wait before I can retake the assessment?

Can I get a digital copy of my report?

Can GAIT be taken in other languages?

How can I take GAIT?

Are any questions country-specific? (i.e. questions about the country’s laws and regulations).

What is the most efficient way for me to improve my GAIT score?

Are there any rules or requirements relating to picking a password?

Can I change my password?

I want to update my personal information on My Page. How do I do that?

Where can I confirm the Candidate’s Seq (Sequence Number)?

Can I register additional candidates during the assessment period?

Can I pull out of the assessment after I have registered?

My score does not appear on the file I downloaded. What should I do?

How do I pay my assessment fee?

I would like to send out a reminder mail to all the candidates in my group. Can this be done?

Individual candidates

GeneralID and PasswordRegistration Test Day

Are there any rules or requirements relating to picking a password?

What should I do if I forget my password?

Can I change my assessment period?

What payment methods are accepted?

Is it possible for me to cancel my registration?

What should I do if something happens that prevents me from completing the assessment?

Can I see my results right away?

Inquiries about GAIT

Contact us for more information about adopting GAIT, its merits and detailed case studies.