What can be achieved with GAIT

Comprehensive visualization of various IT skills

It can be used to visualize diversifying IT skills, from IT infrastructure such as the cloud to AI, IoT, and data utilization.

You can take the test from anywhere

If you have a PC environment with an internet connection, you can take the test anytime, anywhere.

Used as a guideline for continuous learning

Since the skill level can be visualized quantitatively, it can be used as a guideline for continuous learning.

You can take exam questions that reflect the latest technology trends

Exam questions are replaced regularly, and you can always take the exam that reflects the latest technological trends.

GAIT Line-up



For IT engineers


For business personnel

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GAIT can be conducted online at any time.

GAIT for Corporate

Track engineers’ IT skills with GAIT and boost your firm’s competitive edge.

GAIT has been widely adopted by firms to create and track clear skills portfolios for their IT engineers, conduct evaluations, compile training and professional development programs, map out clear career paths, advance technical capabilities by expanding operational fields, as well as help to get one step ahead of the competition.

Case Studies

Introducing detailed success stories about the merits of adopting GAIT.

Inquiries about GAIT

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